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Finding a job vacancy is great. But actually getting the job is not so easy because often there are hundreds of other people also applying. So follow the step by step guide below and increase your chance of getting that job.

Finding a suitable job. Did you know that only 20% of jobs are actually advertised? And the other 80%. They are in the hidden job market.Click here to learn how to tap into this market.
Researching the position and the company. Before you start on your CV you need to know all about the position you are applying for so that you can tailor your CV to match those requirements. Learning about the company will assist you to focus your cover letter and help you with your interview. Click here for more information.
Creating your CV. You are now ready to write your CV. Remember, the purpose of the CV is to encourage the recruitor to call you for an interview. Your CV will be crucial in getting you that interview. Click here for guidelines on writing your CV.
Writing your cover letter. A cover letter is not a summary of your CV. Its purpose is to get the recruitor to read through your CV. If your cover letter doesn’t grab their attention, they may not even look at your CV. Recruitors say that they spend between 20 to 30 seconds on your cover letter. So click here to see how to write your cover letter to make it count.
Preparing for your interview. This is the final step to getting that job so be prepared! Read through these common interview questions and these interview tips.

Remember: It’s not about luck! It’s about being prepared.

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